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Which Banner Stand is fail proof

Most popular banner stand is

Regular Roll Up Banner stand.

  1. Its cheap as in real cheap. With a flex print attached price could start from ₹900/- onwards. Price could vary depending on quantity and quality of printing.

  1. Easy to set up just Pull and attach to back poll.

  2. Its light weight , weight of a Regular Roll up could be as little as 2.5 kg with flex print.

  3. Ideal for Marketing activities. Being cheap it is like, use and throw.

  4. Drawback could be, failure of mechanism.

       Heavyweight Roll Up Banner Stand

  1. Price is slightly on higher side, but considerate with quality

  2. Top Bar may be Clip on bar. Or may be the back pole may be different.

  3. Weight could be 2.2kg or more without print.

  4. Ideal for self use and rarely used for Marketing activities

  5. Generally mechanism may fail, but system is robust and failure rate is miniscule.

   Adjustable Roll Up Banner Stand

  1. Price quite in higher bracket

  1. Top Bar is clip on and back pole is bigger diameter and pole sections slip inside one another, prevents bending of the pole while in use

  2. Weight could be roughly 2.2 kg, size is usually less than 36" 

  3. Also used and known as three banner stand as height can be easily controlled due to lockable system.

  4. Quite robust in design, failure rate very low.

      Luxury Roll Up Banner Stand

  1. Attractive , aesthetic system design.

  2. Made from a unicast body.

  3. Aluminium internal spring encasing prevents system failure.

  4. Broad based tear drop design makes it a stable roll up banner stand.

  5. Is costlier system.

Changeable Graphics Deluxe Banner Stand

  1. As the name suggest prints can be easily changed.

  1. Uses take up roller as replaceable part.

  2. To change just take out and under new cartridge

  3. Heavy unicast build

  4. Useful for Marketing companies and event organisers who need to frequently change graphics, even during an event.

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best retractable banner is luxury or deluxe roll up banner, its unicast body makes it damage resistant, alongwith premium roller mechanism built in for fail proof graphic presentation.

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