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Tent Canopy and Gazebo

Tent kiosk print in Flex

Display_Junction sells Tent Canopy and Gazebo in a variety of sizes and with value added 

services like side panels, top printed panels etc.

Tents canopy is available in three basic sizes viz. 3 x 3 x 7 feet or 4 x 4 x x 7 or 6 x 6 x 7 feet.

This may be nylon ( Tetron Heavy duty) or if small quantity is required it would be printed and prepared using Flex.

Gazebo or Popup Tents are steel frame self contained easy to use systems, just pull across, raise the poles and attach provided canopy top and you are done.

This comes in four basic sizes 2 x 3 mt. 3 x 3 mt. 3 x 4 mt. and 3 x 6 mts.

Gazebo is also available in more than one weight category, meaning that same size of Gazebo may be available in one or more weights. Usual top colors are White, Blue, Red and Black. Gazebo can be used in conjunction with Portable backdrops for trade show and exhibition to make a trade show booth on the go and in minutes.

Tent 3x3 blue top heavy duty gazebo sold by Display junction
Tent 3x3 Red top, heavy duty gazebo sold by Display junction
Gazebo Blue top used a two wheeler show cse
3 x 6 meter Popup Gazebo White top
20 x 10 feet Tent Canopy
10 footer gazebo used as sles stall
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