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Do You know all about Pop up Backdrops? Magnetic or otherwise !

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There are Many Versions of Magnetic Pop Up sold in the market.

To start with there are two types of Pop ups

Namely, Magnetic popup and Flex or Fabric popup

Flex Popup is non magnetic system and just has a Hook N Loop tape running along the pop up system .

To attach any graphic on the system we need to attach another Hook n loop on the graphic.

If system has fluffy loop type tape, we need to stick hook type tape to graphic media.

With this system two types of media may be used,

mostly a flex print is used by most of the clients or discerning customer may opt for more expensive and better quality crease resistant cloth media with sublimation printing.

But I do not wish to talk about Flex popups.

We should know more before buying a Magnetic Pop up systems.

All most all systems sold over the counter with or without prints are usually cheap imports from China.

Cheaper systems are basically sold in an air trolley. Seen in the picture below is

PVC Podium TrolleySo first tip is if you wish your system to be safe and secure for years of use kindly invest in a Podium trolley as shown above.

This will pay for itself by providing you with one more branding space and at the same time allow you to use it as a high table to be used with a bar stool if intended use is of Reception Table.

There is another glaring difference in Cheap and Quality Magnetic Pop up in the way graphics are attached to system frame.

An inferior system would consist of Hanger System as shown below and would generally have Magnetic strip running only on two longer sides of the prints.

Air Trolley as seen alongside requires delicate handling as it is meant to handle weight up to 15 kilos or less but once ready with prints the whole system weighs up-to 35 Kilos.

But these are not the only differences, there are many more as people want to sell cheaper they need to cut down on quality....

I would talk more about the systems in my next blog

so stay tuned and if not subscribed already please subscribe now.

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