Folding Jewelry Backdrop Display Cabinet


Unique New Folding Jewelry Backdrop Display Cabinet is one of it kind product launched with focus on Jewellers who organize exhibition for sales or take part in Trade Fair and B2B exhibitions. Its innovative and unique design makes it easy to transport and install in minutes for use, without hassel or requiring a technician or a carpenter. You can use this Folding Jewelry Backdrop Display Cabinet over and over again due to its durable construction with mostly aluminum, acrylic and or shatter resistance toughened glass provided by us.

This is a Portable backdrop as a single unit which easily folds even height wise into half and actually as 3D folding product.

First time launched in India and probably not available anywhere in the world except with us.

Back drop like show case as well as display and sales counters are all portable and each set of three tables and one show case would just take not more than one hour and time taken would reduce as you get practice.

Backdrop showcase size is 84 inch height and 36 inch wide with 18 inch shelf depth all sizes approximate. In this fascia width is

90 cm and is openable storage area.

Top part is approximately 54 inches of which 6" is Logo or name area leaving about 48" for creating display sheves.

Two to Three shelves may be added and height of each may be adjusted with adjustable system provided within.

Top has two to three LED spot lamps for ample light.

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Economy Backdrop Portable.jpeg