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Trade show Booth Magnetic Popups

Display Junction Designs and Sells Magnetic pop ups in a variety of shapes and sizes like Straight Magnetic Popup or Curved Magnetic pop up. Magnetic Popups we sell can be connected to form a wider or taller units. We can create single unit Magnetic Popups in different shapes. We customize Magnetic Popups in Shapes and Sizes as Required by Clients. We can provide Magnetic Pop ups with Shelf  for product display with capacity up to 50 kg. per shelf.

Connected magnetic pop ups allow options of mix and match various shapes. Beautiful reusable Trade show booth can be Created and used in different sized Trade show booths by deleting or adding units as required.

We can also provide outer shelf or what is known as key board shelf for product display for light weight products.

Display Junction can also provide full wrap Magnetic popups in any shape or size as per your needs. Full wrap means

a system which is covered not just from front but printed graphics are attached to the back of the unit as well.

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