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Gazebo Pop-Up Canopy

Popup type tent canopy is called Gazebo and is very useful as lawn tent for party or for car, motorcycle, scooter or any large product display.

It can also be used for temporary shelter on sites. covered version is available to use as camping tent.

it is very easy to erect anywhere in minutes. it is available in many sizes ie 3x3 mts or 3x6 mts.

very strong mild steel frame makes pop up tents durable and strong structure.

Gazebos  are available in white, Blue or Red color tops.

Display Junction can also provide all side covered GAZEBO or three sides covered GAZEBO as per your needs. We also sell aluminum frame GAZEBO.

Custom canopies are great for promotions at any outdoor event. It can also be used at trade-shows. If you use a well designed canopy to showcase your product or company, it will surely grab the attention of people moving around.

We are known for our high quality and long lasting canopy tents. Our canopy is an investment, for which you will get good returns. To get an idea of the options available, you can see the various models of pop-up canopies we have. The frames of the canopy are made by us. Sewing and printing is all done in-house, we supervise each and every step of the manufacturing process to maintain good quality. Webbing is done on all material edges to protect the fabric from tearing, splitting or fraying. Our canopy tents are a great choice for your next event. You can promote your business with your company logo.

Give us your specifications and our team will customize your pop-up canopy with the colour, design or pattern of your choice. Remember, while selecting the design or graphic or text for your canopy; please keep in mind the shape of the canopy top. These are great for, car shows, sporting events, art and craft shows and promotional events. If you want to take your promotional event to the next level, we will guide you through the process of turning a simple canopy into an attractive custom canopy.

For your perfect custom canopy, you can either drop a mail or give us a call and place your order.

10 feet x 20 feet Gazebo
10 x 20 feet Gazebo tent with three side covers
Open 10' x 20' Gazebo
All Sides Covered 10' x 20' Gazebo
Popup Gazebo installation
10 x 10 gazebo as display tent
Installing a Pop up Gazebo
10 x 10 feet lawn Tent for party or display purposes
Open 10' x 10' Gazebo
10' x 10' Gazebo in action as a show case
3 mts. x 3 mts. Gazebo
10 x 10 feet Popup tent with Secure promotion table
Gazebo Tent as Sales Kiosk for Fit Bit

10 feet * 10 feet Gazebo with secure Portable Promotion Table

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