Magnetic Popup Backdrops

3 x 3 Curved Magnetic pop up system Basic Frame
Magnetic Pop Up Straight.jpg
3 x 4 Straight Magnetic pop up system Basic Frame

Magnetic Popup is a very popular work horse and very popular product for use as Trade show backdrop

Magnetic popups are available in a variety of sizes and by mix and match many eye catching shapes may be achieved.

smallest section is approximately 75 cm x 75 cm and three such sections added vertically usually make a smallest unit of Magnetic pop up. by adding these mono units also known as 1 x 3, pop ups sizes upto 20 feet in width can be easily achieved. Display Junction is the only Display Banner supplier in India to supply, Extra  Wide Magnetic pop up as a single unit in sizes upto 20 feet. Advantage of this is ease of setting up the system in shortest time frame.

Usual size is 3 x 3 Curved Magnetic Popup, 3 x 3 Straight Magnetic Popup or 3 x 4 Curved Magnetic Popup and 3 x 4 Straight Magnetic pop up.

We at Display junction can provide Straight Magnetic Popup in upto 3 x 8 section unit as single unit set up i.e. without in between connecting units. We can also provide 3 x 4 onwards Mixed curved Magnetic backdrops which form a serpentine or Seagull shape. 

Magnetic Backdrop system is supplied by different sellers as different systems which may differ slightly in size of each basic section. Inherent difference of system also lies in type of central connector used to create the system.

Basic difference is 1) Spring type 2) lock type

Spring type systems are free standing once it is pulled up it uses inbuilt spring to keep it erect no locking is required, these come in two flavours a) push fit Megbar b) slide fit Megbar. Of these two slide fit system is one of the most sturdy and strong system of all the Magnetic pop up systems put together. 

Lock type system has numerous variant but most also have megbars that fit by magnetic or push click lock system but one common thing is a locking system to keep the frame erect. Common complaint is failure of locks as they break frequently and meg bars easily pop out as pressure is applied to pop up frame making this type a poor system for forming built in shelf, external shelf also is not possible in such systems.

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Price of these units depend on many factors viz. Shape of system, size of system, type of system as also depends on type of trolley this system may be supplied in. 

Hard Case or Podium Trolley
Air Trolley
Hard Trolley
Curved front back.gif
Front Back Curved Magnetic Popup with Shelves
Seagull shaped Curved Magnetic popup.jpg
Seagull Shaped Curved Magnetic Popup
Wide Magnetic pop ups.jpg
Shelf Magnetic Pop up.jpg
Straight Magnetic Popup with Shelf

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