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Folding Virtual Photo Studio

Gooseneck Stand for Mobile phone, is used particularly to prevent picture shake use with remote shutter unit

24" Regular Studio

24x18x18_ Premium Photo Booth all aluminium long lasting photo booth with frontal  ring light effect

24" Premium Studio

Folding Virtual Studio is a desktop based easy to use system with two color light (For Gold / Diamond ).

Helpful in internet casting your products on Platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Duo or Instagram to name a few.
We've Crafted this device below guidance of skilled Jewelers concerned with internet casting projects of outstanding gems & jeweler  association.
​Folding virtual Studio is crafted out of best aluminum sections and Powder covered with top rate color materials.
This table top version is than clad in high-priced foam cloth in appropriate coloration or as per your requirement*.
Lighting is provided with LED strip light which is guaranteed for color stability and its out put luminance.  LED strips provide both 4000K or 6000K color output to suit your lights requirement.
Lights is furnished on all four i.e. Top, backside, left & right side from front as additionally from left & proper side on top facet.
Light selection is performed from a 4k-off-6k slider switch. Excessive capability strength supply is supplied with device. This creates even and diffused light suitable for most products.
Folding virtual Studio is totally folding and folds in to a unmarried unit without problems for garage if not in use for even a quick length. Design is time tested machine and may be very durable, incase in severe case  inadvertent any damage we will repair it without problems**.

To be had in two widespread sizes 48"x24"x24" & 36"x24"x24" it is viable to create custom length if required for a minimal quantity of five pieces. 

Latest is simple 24*18*18 inches box with one light at very competitive price.

Portable Mini photo studio

12" Mini Studio

24 inch folding Model for jewelry phtography available with one or two colour high lumen lights

24" Regular Studio

36x24x18 inch Jewelry Photo Booth deluxe with grey foam trim keeps helps retain original colour of your object

36" Premium Studio

Folding jewelry Photography Booth, easy to fold and store with Two colour LED lights, bright light, great for product

48" Premium Photo Studio

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