Portable Jewelry Backdrop

New product launched with focus on Jewellers who organize exhibition for sales or take part in Trade Fair and B2B exhibitions.

All products shown here are in use and are actual pictures of working products.

Back drop like show case as well as display and sales counters are all portable and each set of three tables and one show case would just take not more than one hour and time taken would reduce as you get practice.

Backdrop showcase size is 230 cm height and 295 cm width end to end. In this fascia width is 230 cm and is made of total of 9 squares of 75 x 75 cm each. usually 3 sections are added in height and width can vary as per requirement. Here what you see is a 3 x 3 section Magnetic Popup.

We have added three section to the middle of the Magnetic Popup.

One client required more shelves in their pop ups, prompting us to add three shelves on top and three in the middle making 6 shelves in all per Magnetic Pop up unit.

Highlight of the system is dividing shelf in each shelf section. We have provided Toughened Glass shelves to prevent sagging problem due to heavy display opted for by Jewellers.

As we went about designing this unique system, another problem faced was as to how to light these shelves up ? Usual way is to just add two spot lights to top center of the shelf unit, but this would create very odd lighting on heavy jewellery pieces. This made us source around and devise a way to light each shelf unit from left and right side, this finally created even and pleasing illumination of both halves of the shelf. Bright LED Light was provided in warm white or white colour as required by customer. 

Folding Jewellery Display System.jpg

Unlit shelves in a
Magnetic Pop up showcase

Backdrop Jewelry Display Stand Jewellery.jpg
Connected Magnetic pop up with side lights

Modular Design allows
resetting of floor

three Magnetic pop up units connected

Jewellery Showcase with Unlit shelves

gold counter Vitrag Jewels 2.jpeg

Portable Gold Finish Display Tables

Portable Showcase with Counter.jp
2 x 3 meter Backdrop display case &
Jewellery Display Counter Combo
Modular Jewellery showcase system.jpeg
Portable diamond Display Counter
42" Portable Glass Top Jewellery Display & Sales Counters

Two side lighting of the shelf creates even lighting

Portable Jewellery display system on magnetic popup

Unlit shelves

Portable Jewellery Showcase with folding display tables
3 meter Backdrop display case &
3 Jewellery Display Counter Combo
LED Fascia and Display Jewellery Counter
LED Lit Display Area
and Fascia
 Display Area
Gold Jewellery Display Table.gif
Totally Folding Display Counter
Backdrop Display System.jpeg
9.5 foot wide Portable Backdrop