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Zigazag Brochure Stand

E type Brochure stand
Zig Zag Brochure Stand

Zig Zag Brochure Stand or Leaflet Standcomes with an aluminum-finish carrying case for Durability,ease, and safety.

Zig Zag Brochure Stand or Leaflet Stand is also available with Oxford carry case or a briefcase carry case.

Zig Zag Leaflet Stand may be used for products like Tiles, small Electronic Components

This is for A4 size brochures total 6 Levels.

Zig Zag Brochure Stand or Leaflet Stand has Self standing height of 59" small foot print base is 11" x 14"

Zig Zag Brochure Stand or Leaflet Stand weighs app 7 kgs

carton size is 19x14x7.5 inches

A4 in hard case 8.5 Kgs

This is most popular brochure stand used in trade show booth.

also used in exhibitions where Portable backdrops for trade show and exhibitions are used.

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