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Adjustable X Banner Stand

Print any size and use

First  Fully Adjustable X banner stand meaning that this adjustable x banner stand is made of light weight Aluminum and Plastics.
Very versatile product for event managers. Easy to set up and used popularly in Trade shows and exhibitions as custom banner.
Looks stylish and very elegant. you can use Flex print or Ink jet prints on cloth banner. Just print and use any size on the go as stand can use any print size up to 1 meter wide and approximately 2 meters tall.
Adjustable X Banner sand is very Light Weight. 1.1 Kgs without graphics.
This stand can use variable graphic sizes.
Width Variable from 40-100 cm
Height Variable from 160-200 cm

InstaIlation of an Adjustable X Banner stand
Installing an Adjustable X Banner Stand
Adjustable X Banner Stand
Adjustable X Banner Stand
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