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Picture Poster Hanger

Poster Hanger

Poster Hanger 3 ft x 6 ft.

Display Junction sells this easy to use, light weight and durable Poster Hanger system it add special charm to your graphics.

Banner Poster Hanger can used to hang Graphics or posters.

Attaching graphics to this Easy Poster Hanger is very easy and takes just minutes. Banner Poster Hanger is useful in a variety of situations and it can be attached to ant wall as it is very light in weight.

A variety of graphic media can be used between Top and Bottom Bars of Poster hangers. Width of the graphic would be equal to the width of the system but height of the graphic can be any size required by you.

Easy poster hanger is  very simple to use light weight system suitable as substitute to roll up banner stands. 
Easy poster hanger provides anxiety free use and prevents situation like damage of Roll up banner stands during transportation.

Easy poster hanger is easy to use, just hang it on the back wall or use safety pin on cloth back drop and hang it. Roll the graphic on the bottom bar and just carry it. the roll up carry bag can easily carry 6 pieces. It has been used as low budget Back drop for trade shows and exhibitions.


Display Junction sells Poster Hanger in standard size of 36" or in any customized size upto 72" as per your requirements. 

We sell Picture Hangers with or without print. Print provided usually is printed on Poly Cloth using pigmented ink-jet fade resistant inks on HDR digital systems. 

Poster hanger pipe section heavy sections made in India
Poster Hanger Side Cap to prevent print or hooks from sliding out
Poster Hanger 3 meter stall backdrop used with a hevy duty screen promotion table
Poster Hanger stall. 3x3 meter backdrop using picture or poster hangers
cross section of pipe

End caps to protect graphics

Poster hanger comes with hooks for ease of hanging or attaching to vertical panels, heavy hooks made in India product
V Hooks for ease of hanging banner
Poster Hanger for 3x3 meter Trade show  Booth 
3 Poster Hanger for 3 meter  Trade show  Booth alongwith a Screen Promotion table for Displaying Products
Installing Graphics in Poster Hanger
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