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Portable Trade Show Display Stands

Display Junction specialises in custom banners, Trade Show Display Stands & Exhibit Panels all designed for Portability and Inventoried for quick shipping to meet trade show deadlines. An array of portable Displays, Portable banner displays, Portable BoothsPortable Folding Tables, Magnetic Backdrops, Adjustable Backdrops and Banner Stands are available in stock. Shop from our huge Trade Show Supplies Display Boards & Graphics Exhibits Category.  

Display Junction specialises in Modular Backdrops, Customised Display Systems for Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Events. 

Display Junction deals in quality products for Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Events and Road shows. Banner stands sold are easy to use and have long service life. Digital Prints are fade Resistant and printed on superior quality media. 

Banner Stands

Regular roll up banner stand, is light weight Roll up banner stand
Double sided Roll up banner stand, allows two graphics to be used on front & backside, solid heavy roll up banner stand
deluxe rollup banner stand cap view is heavy duty long lasting roll up banner stand
Deluxe Roll up
Banner Stand
Table top banner stands, adds charm when used on tables , excellent giveaway
V type banner stand, sturdier banner display system
L Banner stand, banner stand
Adjustable X banner stand, allows print any size & use with this banner stand
Luxury X banner stand, economical banner stand better to X banner
X banner stand is economical banner displat system
Triple screen banner stand, very attrctive floor banner stand
V Banner
Banner Stand
Adjustable X Banner Stand
Deluxe X
Banner Stand
Regular X
Banner Stand
Triple sided
 banner stand

Brochure Stands

Zig Zag Brochure stand, most popular leaflet stand in aluminium, long lasting
Metal folding brochure stand, economical brochure stand folding with a padded bag
ABS brochure stand
Brochure Stand
netted brochure stand, very light weight leaflet display option
Brochure Stand

Promotion Tables

Plastic promotion table, economical plastic tables for point of sles or promotion purpose
Aluminum promotion table, economical light weight item for marketing usage
Promotion Table
Folding Screen promotion table, long lsting special profile heavy duty point of sales demo or sales counter folds
Promotion Table
Portable Jewellery display counter is easy to install and transport very compact on folding, with bright LED light strip
Portable  Jewellery
display counter
Demonstration table, heavy duty 5 foot wide folding special table
Mini Reception table is a round light weight esy to carry popup based table
Mini Conference
Screen registration counter, stylish counter with screen privacy
Velcro Folding Table, light weight, easy to carry popup based table
Magnetic pop up reception table, very popular magnetic popup based curved folding table

Tent Kiosks and Gazebo

Tent canopy in printed in flex size 6x6x7 foot stitched flex provides logivity

6x6x7 foot


Pop up Gazebo easy to install 10x10 foot canopy for mrketing or event purpose
3 meter Gazebo easy to install 10x10 foot canopy for mrketing or event purpose
10 x 10 feet 
3 meter Gazebo as display booth useful as point of sales
10 x 10 feet 
Gazebo Display
10 x 20 feet covered Gazebo easy to install 10x20 foot canopy for mrketing or event purpose
10 * 20 open Gazebo easy to install 10x20 foot canopy for mrketing or event purpose
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