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Deluxe Roll Up Banner Stand

If you are looking for a lasting and durable Roll up banner stand please go for Deluxe roll up banner stand as it is very Stable and Stylish Banner stand. Deluxe roll up banner stand is easy to use and preferred for use in Trade show booth as custom banner stand.

This Stylish Deluxe roll up banner stand is made from a single cast of aluminum tear drop design.
Luxury or Deluxe roll up banner stand has clip on top bar for ease of print insertion, special back support rod.

Single shell body makes it virtually unbreakable.

It carries and protects Prints and Graphics completely as print is retracted inside as your prepare it to pack.
Luxury or Deluxe  roll up is supplied in a padded oxford carry bag or a wheeled case.
Sizes may vary from time to time as supply differs from 80 x 200 cm,or 85 x 200 cm to 90 x 200 cm
Weighs 5 Kilos without graphics.
Made from Anodized natural finish Aluminum and high grade plastic, strong winding spring encased in aluminum pipe.

Deluxe Roll Up Parts and Bag
side chrome plated caps
Deluxe roll up base
Luxury Roll up  with padded Carry bag
Luxury Roll Up Banner Stand
Luxury Roll up with Cloth Print
Gull wing Deluxe Banner stand

Gull Wing Banner Stand

Gull wing Heavy roll up banner stand open
Gull Wing Banner Stand
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