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Adjustable Backdrops

Portable and Adjustable Backdrop stand

Adjustable Backdrop is a very Light Weight solution for large banner display requirements.

Adjustable Backdrop is a cost effective solution for your backdrop requirements.

It is an ideal banner stand for Exhibitions, Events or Promotions.

Adjustable Backdrop is easy to adjust between 3 ft wide to 7.5 ft wide and 4 ft high to 7.5 high. Now also available in 8 foot by 10 foot extra large size.

Adjustable Backdrop takes flex as Print or display graphic Material 

Weight :only stand 6 KG. with flex print weight is 7.5 Kg.

Adjustable Backdrop comes in Carry Bag. It requires a Screw Driver for assembly.

You can use solvent Flex , Eco solvent flex or Poly Cloth ink-jet print for this banner stand. Advantage of Poly Cloth transfer print is crease resistant flat print as no lamination is applied to it. Rest all other type of media would curl. 

Adjustable Backdrop
Adjustable Backdrop with Graphic
Adjustable Backdrop with Flex Print
Adjustable Backdrop closeup view
Dimensions of an Adjustable Backdrop stand
Adjustable Backdrop changing size view
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