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Aluminum Promotion Tables

Aluminum Promoter is a cheap and not very lasting product. Only advantage it has over Plastic Promotion Table is that graphics can be changed. Aluminum is a versatile product for event managers.
Aluminum Promotion Table is Light Weight and easy to set up compared to Plastic Promotion Table. Weighs close to 7 kilos.
This Table can use change of prints. Added Advantage is a wooden top which can take moderate weights.
Draw back is hinge system which is not very lasting and very flimsy aluminum frame. compared to this use a Screen Promotion Table if you need a durable and strong product.

Aluminum Promotion table
 Aluminum Promoter Front Back view
Plastic and Aluminum Promotion Table
Plastic and Aluminum Promoter side by side
T Type Aluminum table

T Type

Fish tail aluminum promoter

Fish tail type

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