Portable Backdrops for Exhibitions and Trade shows

We at Display Junction Create Portable, Durable and Reusable Backdrops and Display Banner Stands for your Exhibition Booths of any size or shape.

Display Junction is well known in the field of trade show displays, custom banners, pop up banner,

display table, pop up display, promoters etc. 

We sell Backdrops in different sizes as well as types to suit your requirements of a beautiful and all inviting exhibition booth or trade show stall.

Display Junction can provide for any booth size be it 2 x 2 mts. or 6 x 6 mts. or bigger.

Backdrop Solutions consist of Mainly following popular products.


1) Magnetic Popups 
2) Tubular Pillowcase Systems

3) Flex Popup

4) Adjustable Backdrop

5) Folding Screen

6) Picture Hangers

Display Junction is well known for its commitment to quality and on-time delivery.

Display Junction offers Banner stands, Display banners, Display units, Backdrops and a vast variety of tables to choose from.

Assured quality at reasonable prices is our aim. For most products like Magnetic Popups, Portable Tables, Portable display and sales counter, we provide after sales service.

For Magnetic popup of any kind, we are the only suppliers who can provide reprint service at reasonable price and in shortest possible delivery time.

Magnetic Popup Backdrops

3 x 3 straight Magnetic popup
3 x 3 Curved Magnetic popup
Magnetic popup customizes as Jewellery Showcase
2 x 3 straight Magnetic pop up with shelf
Magnetic popup Tradeshow booths
Magnetic Popup
with Shelf

Flex Popup Backdrop banner

Velcro pop up
Flex Popup.jpg
Inkjet light canvas Fabric popup 12.5 ft
12.5 ft Flex popup.gif

Poster Hanger As Backdrop

A Board
Poster Hanger Stall.jpg

Picture hanger with Promoter

Picture hanger as Bacdrop for Exhibition Booth

Tubular Pillow Backdrop

Straight Pillow case Backdrop
Tradeshow booth with Pillowcase backdrops.
pillowcase backdrop
Folding Screen Backdrop Stand
Adjustable backdrop.jpg
Adjustable backdrop with flex.jpg
Adjustable Backdrop Banner Stand
Folding screen with header.jpg

Folding screen with Header

Folding partition with table.jpg

Folding screen with Table