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अपडेट करने की तारीख: 11 जुल॰ 2020

1. Flex on Frame

Cheapest and non reusable route preferred by many exhibitors who wish to spend minimal on the exhibition stall graphics is using flex fixed to wooden frame work. Looks cheap as well as feels light on pocket but actually, in the long run, it is expensive way of doing things unless you require graphics change for almost all your exhibition needs.

2. Roll Up Banner Stand

May be a bit cumbersome to carry but one could use a 240 cm width roll up as a substitute to flex on frame approach at may be same cost and still be reusable for many display needs and exhibitions.

Only drawback is portability as 8 feet width would require special arrangements. Another drawback Roll Up banner stands face is general failure due to transportation damage and mishandling.

3. Adjustable Backdrop

Better solution to Roll Up Banner stand is Adjustable Backdrop it is available in maximum size up-to 240 cm x 240 cm. Uses flex print as graphic.This product is very light weight as well as reusable. it’s also very cost effective and cost wise matches Flex on Frame and Roll Up Banner stand per square foot cost.

4. Flex Popup

Cost and weight wise this is one of the better options as even if graphics need frequent changes , cost is reasonable as Flex Popup uses flex as graphics or for better quality one can use thin or crumple free cloth with Ink-Jet or latex printing. Two standard sizes are possible 235 x 235 cm and 235 x 305 cm

5. Poster Hangers

Lightest way to carry 9 section display of a 3×3 mts exhibition booth.Poster Hangers weigh less than a Kg. with thin canvas prints along with fade resistant and water resistant high quality ink jet printing. For product display requirement one can add Screen Promotion Tables to the setup.

6. Magnetic Pop-ups

Expensive and heavy to carry compared to other options given above. But Magnetic Pop-ups provide best value for money and are still one the most popular backdrop system due to their versatility and appearance as solid display.

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