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Evergreen Magnefic Popup

अपडेट करने की तारीख: 14 नव॰ 2018

Magnetic Pop up once very popular with Exhibitors and Trade Show booth designers is slowly being shunned by the same people. There are many reasons for this.

First and foremost being cost of product and more importantly cost of regraphic, as regraphic is available only with quality suppliers and sundry low cost suppliers do not have access to consumables like back starta and magnes besides couple of other things.

Secondly I find many people complaining about cost of transportation. Actual weight is just 30 to 35 kilos but volumetric weight is charged as 65 kilo or more.

Thirdly if bought from a cheaper source it would generally be supplied with a cheaper and flimsy air trolley. Air trolley fails much sooner than later as it is basically designed to carry about 15 kilogrammes maximum. Magnetic Pop up, 5 pieces of graphics weigh close to 15 plus kilos add to it system weight and meg bars etc.

Not many people can repair a damaged system, and in cheap system magnets tend to fall with very first or subsequent usage.

Despite all this you would still see Magnetic Pop Up all around, but many a times in its broken spirit.

Major Faults you would find are :

1. The Flapper Many a times one would find pop up with one panel flapping at the visitors, usually it is one of the end panel (End Cap) as exhibitor finds attaching it too tiring or something has broken and fixing it is impossible or too taxing for the exhibitor.

2. The unkempt old lady at times it is embarrassing event to look at the battered graphis full of pinch marks, creases, stains, bulges. in short graphis which have been abused in all ways possible by its handlers.

Being PVC mounted graphics are prone to delamination if good quality media is not used.

3. Hurled May be person setting up feels that the graphics can be just fixed in any haphazard manner. Looks like somebody has thrown graphics from a distance and it stuck wherever it fell.

4. Door to nowhere at times we find a door like situation where even fron panels are missing, showing a gap, one can walk through. on inquiry,

attendant told me graphic went missing sometime back and owner doesn't wish to pay for replacement as whole set would need to be changed.

5. Sleeveless Shirt many times both end panels are missing giving a weird and tacky look as beauty of

Magnetic pop up lies in its solid looks due to round end caps.

6. Broken Soul Magnetic systems are objects but it hurts to see bent frames, broken connectors, missing bars or snapped hangers. Duct tape use is prominently visible. It would be better to send this one to eternal sleep.

7. Madness at its peak I had seen a curved Magnetic Pop up where graphics meant for concave side were some how painstakingly attached to convex side of the frame. the gentleman was loudly complaining about the quality and finish of the product. It's height of creativity.

8. Just a thought and advice please always purchase Magnetic Pop Up system in Podium trolley. This trolley saves the whole system from transportation abuse to a great extent. It also provides additional eyeball point with wrap around graphics provided with it.

This case can also be used to store all your additional flyer and other things.

May be I am being sentimental but a good Pop up is always pleasing sight and a great ambassador of your brand. If taken care it would last years altogether. I have known people who have used combination systems in dozens of trade shows and exhibitions in just under a year and still use it after 3 years.

A good Pop up has power to transform any booth 10 x 10 or bigger with its elegant grace, solid looks,

throw in a monitor and add some shelves to show case products, ohh ye it is one of the simplest system to install unlike other cumbersome systems

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