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Does your backdrop connect ?

to form beautiful, seamless backdrops for your Trade show Booth

Following are some of the projects under taken by Display Junction and

have managed to earn reputation as

supplier of quality products with

hundred percent on time delivery.

Trade show booth Backdrop with Connected Magnetic Pop ups

1) This set up has Five section side walls connected to Two Section front wall on both the sides. in dead center away from the back wall an expo size (10' high) Convex curved Three section unit to provide storage and small private area at the back. Final graphic design varies from 3 D mock up but lay out is same.

2) This set up is a corner unit for a small trade show booth, just 2 meter x 3 meters. Two units of one section each, connected to form a perfectly pleasing product.

Each side would be approximately 1.9 meters each side.

3) This set up is unique as has six sections front wall connected to two sections side walls on both the sides.

This set up uses 2 units of 3 x 3 systems and another 2 units of 2 x 3 system for sides.

This configuration allows to use this as mix and match system for use in a variety of trade show booth sizes.

I was told by the client that they eventually used the system in more than a dozen shows, just with in a year.

Look at the picture below !

This is a connected backdrop, specially designed to look and feel like a drawing room.

Notice the window with curtain ? A/C grill, coffee maker and a TV set. This is a demo drawing room created for remote controlled appliances.

Another Photograph of a Trade fair booth shows connected Magnetic Popup

forming a wall for a large booth using three systems connected seamlessly.

We can go on and on and show many examples of systems sold by us and still in use after years by satisfied customers.

Not just Magnetic Pop ups but Promotion Tables. Tents Photo-frames list is long so go visit my website....


Email me dev@displayjunction.in

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