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Tubular Instant Stall

Tension fabric Booth
Tubular backdrop with a banner stand
tubular tension cloth banner stand

Promoting a business requires a lot of innovation and efforts. In front of an audience creating  good impression is difficult if not impossible. If you don’t promote your business properly, you may lose customers. In such situations one needs correct and eye catching tools to promote ones products or ideas. Display Junction  helps you in just that decision making to help you promote your business in the right way.
We, at Display Junction feel the Tubular Pillow Backdrop is the perfect tool for promoting your business. This display is designed especially for people who need to travel often. Lightweight makes it easier, to transport by car or as a check in luggage on flight, it is designed to suit your travel needs. In trade shows or exhibitions, where you will find a large number of potential customers, you need to make use of the opportunity, by impressing your customers, with a well designed Tubular Pillow Backdrop.

This display can also be very useful during presentations and sales meetings. The banner is attached to a stand, making it easier and faster to set up and take down, it is also extremely portable.
We use dye sublimation printing process, this process uses a special technique, which lays the image on plastic and then heats it into the fabric, resulting in a perfect image. We at Display Junction , will transform your imagination into a colourful and vibrant image. The message on your display will be presented in a memorable way, attracting the attention of potential customers. Our displays are affordable, of high quality and good craftsmanship.
The Tubular Pillow Backdrop is useful in many ways; it can be used for various promotional applications like distribution of free samples in a shop. It can also be used as a temporary set up. You can also use them at events like school sports day and at ticket booths to promote your business.
For many years people have been struggling with assembling and dismantling the traditional pop up display. These days, people prefer to use Fabric pop up counter display because it takes minutes, in setting it up and in taking it down. The simple design of the frame helps it to endure for different trade shows and exhibitions. It is also environment friendly, since; the aluminium frame and fabric graphic can be easily recycled after use. Due to its lightweight, it can be transported easily from one event to another event. The fabric graphics cannot be damaged easily, you can fold it, as it takes up less space.

cloth banner stand
Tubular tension cloth banner stand
Installing Curved
 Pillow backdrop
curved cloth banner stand
8 x 8 ft. Curved
Pillow backdrop

Installing Tubular Pillow backdrop

cloth tension banner stand
cloth backdrop
8 x 8 ft. Straight Pillow backdrop
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