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Tent Kiosk

Display Junction sells Tent Kiosk of very strong quality Made with Anodized or Powder coated Aluminum Pipes or in powder coated Mild steel pipe

portable design, Assemble in minutes.

Tent Canopy is available with Flex Print or Nylon.

Tent Canopy is always sold in Individual Nylon Carry case,

Available in 3x3x7 ft, 4x4x7 ft, 6x6x7 ft and 7x7x7 ft size

Folding Portable Promotion Canopy or Tent as it is popularly called is preferred by event managers, as it is available in four basic sizes. It is easy to set up and very portable. It also protects canvassers from elements. A table and two chairs can be easily accommodated in most sizes.  

Display Junction also sells double stitch Tent Kiosk for durability, with flex and nylon.

We always provide flex graphics which are stitched and not pasted for durability.

Weight of a 7x6x6 ft tent kiosk with Nylon Cloth or Flex Print is approximately 10 kgs.We provide tent canopy with flex print and double stitched with Tetron for lasting product.

4 x 4 feet tent kiosk
Display Counter
4 x 4 x 7 feet Flex
Tent kiosk
6' x 6' x 7' Tent Canopy with flex print stiched for logivity
6 x 6x 7 feet Flex Tent kiosk 
Screen printed Canopy
6 x 6x 7 feet Nylon
 Tent kiosk 
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