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Portable Tables for Exhibitions

Curved Reception Table

Display Junction prides itself in providing customized trade show displays, wherever possible.

We have largest collection of Portable tables which can be customized to your requirements.

Display Junction sells, Screen Promotion table, Which is most durable and easy to use portable table available in folding table segment. We have even made this more compact by making special fascia with a joint segment. We also sell curved type screen promotion table for that special look.

We have Pop up system based very broad up to 54 inches wide table in curved as well as straight shapes.

We have in our collection a folding display counter with glass window and top, it has been specially designed for jewellers and other exhibitors who need to show case their wares in a B2C or B2B Exhibition

plastic promotion table D1
Reception Table
Magnetic Popup design
front fold promo

Front Fold Promotion Table

Front fold sales & demo strong yet low profile counter
Display counter
PP carry bag for display counter
Portable Display Counter
Portable aluminium Jewelry Display Counter
Display counters in use
Plastic Promotion Table
Flex Promotion Table
Flex Promotion Table
Round Conference table
Mini Conference Table
Aluminum Promotion table

Screen Promotion Table

Curved Promotion table, light weight long lsting counter

Curved Screen Promotion Table

Screen Promotion Table
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