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What is truly portable display ?

You may wonder, why this question?

Read on if you really wish to know what is being palmed off as #PortableJewelryDisplaySystem is not truely Portable, you may be able to carry

it around but what about, time required to assemble and tools required, may be

skills also make you hire somebody insitu to assemble it. This would involve regular repeatedly paying for labour, as well as venue may be needed a day in advance.

Assembling may prove to be daunting task unless you or your staff is well trained

or the person you hire knows the product, else it may

1. lead to damage while setting up.

2. Lost parts may pose danger of not being able to set up the system.

3. lose parts when carried are prone to extensive scratches.

4. non availablity of specific tool may make trip to hardwre store necessary

5. plastic locks used to hold octonorm pieces may get lost or damaged.

6. octonorm genetic items by original company are thick gauge and durable,

     but to save costs, many competitive suppliers reduce gauge to get weight

     reduction there by compromising durablity.

7. most of these suppliers sell products powder coated in White or Black,

    again cheap powder coating is not correct solution to coat Aluminium

    Best process to keep soft surface of aluminium is to treat it with Annodising

    which is much more expensive even for natural silver finish, but very expensive

    for other messmerising colours like Gold, Rose Gold or Glossy Black.

8. These products are not folding in true sense, folding products require special

     castings besides ingenuity of putting everything together. Special casting mens

     owning dies and huge investments which cheap suppliers are avrse to.

9. Most of these suppliers are looking at repeat business due to breakage etc.


Folding Displays Systems

On the right side you can see a truly Folding display

counter top with Hardened glass top.

All the pieces are pre joined except shelves & glass top which can be easily slided in and table would be ready in under two minutes.

If you don't belive watch movie here

Counters Sold by Display Junction are in use for over 6 years by various

Jewellers some of whom have been holding over 50 or more exhibitions each year.

Call us or Whats App on +91 99675 71713 or +9193222 86544


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