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There is no Smoke, without Fire

We all are hearing a lot of noise about the movie Rani Padmavati.

Today my twitter account was suspended as replied to a comment on Big D yess dat doll , dancing and prancing in India , calling us names, despite not being born here. She git her fame and money from us, no wonder we are regressive. Else she won't be having such big fan list and fame and moolah.

Are these heroins not crazy enough for publicity that they would change stories like clothes or sat their boyfriends at a whim and all the better if it Garner's some publicity.

Are we Indians and specially Hindus always a butt of a joke and any silly movie may be made to laugh at us for a few dollars more...

Sure I have not seen Padmavati movie but what stopped SLB from showing the movie as sensitive as this to a select few from Rajput community and clearing the air but news, he won't as he us getting free publicity as fool as and as regressive ( as per her Highness Deepika) We would que up and watch the movie and as most of us do not know history, we would end up appreciating it and digesting the tempered entertainer as a real history.

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