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Need Magnetic Pop up In custom size ?

Display Junction specializes in catering to custom sized Magnetic popups, We can provide sizes based on two section sizes i.e. 30" x 30 " or 18" x 18".

This allows for creating multiple widths, suitable for your requirements.

We also make widest Magnetic Pop ups created as a single unit for ease of set up.

Uni wide easy is pop up series created to make up to

24 feet wide MAGNETIC POP UP AS A SINGLE unit. These pop ups fold as single system frame and do not require connectors.

We also make smallest Magnetic pop up which is just

4.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide suitable as table display.

Shown Above is a 20 feet wide Uni Wide easy pop up.

we also make mixed Shaped Uni Wide Easy Pop ups as shown Below.

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