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Is your Magnetic Pop-Up, Cheap or Luxury Model ?

Please keep reading if you do deal in Portable and Modular Backdrops or You may be soon than later taking part in a trade show!

Little known fact is that most Magnetic Pop-Up sold in the market are Regular type and are not capable of doing things that is possible with more expensive Connecting type systems.

1) Regular system is sold with a lighter and not very strong Air Trolley , it is hard Trolley basically designed to carry approximately 15 or so kilos. Where as a ready to use system weighs close to 25 + kilos.

Compare this to the Strong PVC Luxury Podium Trolley. Picture given below.

2) Regular Magnetic Pop-Up and some times even a pricey system may not be full height of 230 cm it may be around just 200 cm is 6.5 ' high.

So be sure you are getting a full size system.

3) Almost all cheaper and even some not so cheap systems use hanger as it reduces magnet use and cheaper way to fix graphic.

Top part of graphic is affixed with a hanger strip which has cut and helps in hanging the graphic to the system. Bottom of the print has usually just nothing. Effectively only two Magnetic strips on left and right keep graphic secured to the system. Not a very good way of attaching prints. The cut on hanger gets damaged with use and results in misalignment of the prints.

4) Cheaper systems use 3M tissue glue to stick the Magnetic Tape to the PVC of the graphic substrate. Now PVC, like glass is averse to most glues, leading to magnet failures. But Luxury system providers usually use some very expensive transfer glue to prevent magnet failure and thereby provide guarantee of 3 or more years. This reduces headaches and trouble due to graphic fall on account of magnet failure.

5) Luxury or Deluxe Magnetic Pop-Up suppliers also provide better quality of printing as against eco solvent prints provided to cut on costs. We print with High Dynamic Resolution (HDR) printing using Fade Resistant pigment inks.

6) Deluxe Magnetic Pop-Up suppliers also take greater care in provide ng better matching of the graphics. Many a times due to slipage during printing, adjoining pieces of graphics are kismat ched and look odd. Cheaper suppliers may not have will as well material to set it right. ( Pop-Up) raw is sold as a single set kit condition of requiere material. Extra supply is not accessible to this traders.

7) Deluxe kit suppliers, may or may not be able to provide LED lights if requiered. Only few suppliers stock these multi voltage, low power consuming lights. These are available in two colours viz. Day light and yellow.

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