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Do you Know Your Magnetic Pop up system ?

Do you just look for cheaper Magnetic Pop up and other backdrop systems or also look out for quality ?

Chances are that even the most expensive system imported from European countries would turn out to be

made in China. Magnetic pop ups Sold in the market are of many variety and qualities.following are some of the generic types sold by dealers.

1. Cheap Chinese import : How to to know that your system is not the bottom of the line?

If it matches some of the images from hereunder it is the cheapest system that Chinese sell in the market.

First thing you would notice on any below average system is a Hanger system or a stud provided to attach top part of the graphic as shown in the picture along side.

Graphics would use only two strips of magnets on the left and Right on the longer side only. Hanger is used by even expensive systems, as the supplier is not confident of graphic staying attached to system without such contraptions.

2. Expensive Magnetic systems use magnets for the Magnetic bars to attach to the main system frame, but is it really necessary to use such gimmicks and do the make system stronger or help in any ways ?

This may make assembly just a wee bit faster but also makes system unsuitable for load bearing and effects longevity as magnets when attached to opposing poles for a long time lose their power !

Though at times double the price of a good and stable Magnetic Pop up system, They still have just two strip along side to hold on to the system but adhesion is much better as these systems may also have magnetic bars which have magnets attached to them but again with prolonged use the graphic may not stick to the magnetic bars as magnets would lose power.

As me bars would also have manets these systems require less effort and a very small time saving while setting them up. These expensive systems are sometime sold by branded sellers to executives in the guise of non chinese systems. Though expensive they are prone to maximum damage as these systems have plastic arms with magnets / or locks which tend to break down very frequently, specially while dismantling the system or magnets again lose power and system refuses to stay erect.

3. Light weight systems known as Thin Magnetic Popup is available only in Curved type. Easy to setup system has strong structure but falls in Hanger category.

These systems are known as thin systems as the graphics size is smaller compared to regular Magnetic Pop up systems , specially end cap or the curved end part is very thin at almost just one third of other systems. The design also makes these systems lighter in weight compared to other systems.

4. Strongest and most durable systems are sold by Display Junction, Mumbai, India.

Deluxe and Luxury Magnetic Pop up system is Modified by us to take magnet on the all four sides of the print media providing one of the most stable system.

Magnetic Bars are Manually slide locked for added weight bearing and durability.

slide and lock system for strenght

may not have these if display junction deluxe system


Spring loaded system

Spring Loaded system is self erect and stands without locking Megnetic bars

This system is one of the most Durable and has great load bearing capacity. We have sold this system to Pump makers with Shelf with 50 Kg. load bearing on each shelf.

We have clients who have been using Magnetic popups supplied by us close to a decade or more without much repairs / no repairs.

Deluxe and Luxury Magnetic pop ups sold by us are

guaranteed against Magnet failure or detachment for Three years. Besides we are committed to providing repair support incase of damage due to mishandling or damage in transit at nominal costs.

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