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Display Counter In a Bag !

Yes, it is not April fool joke.

At Display Junction we were tasked to create, a folding showcase by one of our client dealing in #ExhibitionBooth #TradeShow set ups.

This table is fully folding and can be set up in under 5 minutes maximum.

#PortableJewelleryCounter is a secure system with fair amount of pilfer proofing, as much as possible in a folding system.

It is based on our time tested Portable Table System Screen promotion Table

We have succeeded in creating bottom safe folding table. Most Folding tables lack any safety feature and they may or may not have a shelf.

If required we can build a bottom shelf to protect table from theft, as long as back door is properly locked by theft is difficult by inverting the table. Portable Jewellery Show Case

same holds true for top the top Tempered Glass/ Acrylic piece as it is held in place by all three sides once back door is locked.

It is available in three sizes viz. 27", 36" (most popular) or extra large 42" standard or custom sizes as required.

For a short period 27" model is available for a very attractive price of INR 11,500/- plus 18% GSt and Delivery charges as applicable.

This System comes in a double nylon Carry bag for carrying on shoulder. Larger sizes come in Sunpack carry and reusable bags.

Call me on +91 9967571713 or write to me at displayjunction@gmail.com .

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Portable Jewellery Display Counter

Is your promotion table secure ?


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